5 Things to Always Remember When Travelling and Pregnant  

While pregnancy should never stop you from enjoying your holidays, it’s always helpful to stop and think about how best to handle your condition while away from home.


So, what are five things to remember when you’re travelling and pregnant?



1. Be honest about your limits


While travel has never been easier in terms of handling infrastructure, it is always important to remember that it can be gruelling for even the most able-bodied individual. Excessive walking or travel can…

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What I’ve learnt... About My Feminine Power

I graduated as a yoga teacher just a few short weeks before I fell pregnant with my son. I was fresh from the ashram in India and full of the teachings of Shakti…the powerful female energy that resides within all of us. The experience had been transformative, a shedding of unwanted negativity and a boost to my vital life-force energy. I was clear-headed, full of direction and ready to take on a new path in London….

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What I've Learnt... From Three Weeks of No Social Media

That god damn never-ending scroll.

Instagram, Facebook, occasionally pinterest, NEVER twitter! I can lose minutes, hours or even days with it.

Any free time… a few minutes before school pick up, a train journey, an evening when my boyfriend is out working. Like virtual expanding foam plugging all the gaps in my time and my mind….

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What I've Learnt... About Myself


Motherhood is a common experience.


As soon as I became pregnant, I felt part of this special club with other women. Strangers on the tube and in shops would tell me about their pregnancies and comment on the shape of my bump. I had a newly found common ground with my 80 something year old grandmother (who amazingly remembered the details of her pregnancies and births…

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Jodie Abrahams
What I've Learnt... From A Tale of Two Tears

Preparing for the birth of our first child in 2013, I was utterly convinced we had it sussed. I expected to breathe my baby down in my bedroom, upright, giving my tissues time to expand, gravity supporting my open pelvis etc.

I knew if there was a real emergency, I would have an unplanned C-section, but I never considered any outcome in the middle….

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What I've Learnt... From The First Days Of Being A Mum

The first days of being a mum. 

I gave birth to my first son in 2013 and like most new parents I was excited, nervous, full of wonder! I remember returning home from hospital, my son shrinking down in the car seat and me, not quite knowing what to do. Where were the grown ups? I had given birth, but I didn't quite feel like a mum.

The day after we returned home…

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What I've Learnt... From A Love You Can't Conceive

My start is not the start and early life my children have had. At around 2 years old I was removed from my drug-addicted parents and placed in a children's home.

 I was adopted and later sent away to boarding school, suffering abuse of various sorts in both instances. 

This is not a hard-luck story. This is a story of…

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