Relaxation for Midwives, Mothers and Mums TO BE!

I wrote and recorded this twenty minute relaxation MP3 especially for midwives and Mothers. As a working midwife myself, I understand that the job can be exhausting and there is a great need for self care to avoid burn out. And the exact same thing goes for mothering too! Taking time out to rest, relax and recharge is incredibly valuable for the body and mind.

By switching down or off the mind, the body is encouraged to engage the parasympathetic nervous system. This mode, also know as the 'calm and confident' or 'relaxation response' allows the body to rest, release positive hormones and start to heal itself on a cellular level. You may listen to this MP3 in your free time, during nap time, to wind down after a busy shift or to help you sleep well after a night shift/ rough night of baby feeding. Of course you don't have to be midwife or a mother to enjoy the benefits of this nurturing practice. This MP3 is ideal to encourage pregnant Mums to slow down and anyone who feels stressed or anxious, will enjoy this track! I would recommend listening to this track weekly to encourage and reinforce positive self care habits.

Much love

Nissa x


The Complete Hypnobirthing MP3 Bundle

Having taught hypnobirthing for a few years, I have listened to many, many hypnobirthing tracks. What I realised, is that there are so many tracks out there that serve many separate functions, including; fear release, confidence boosting, pregnancy relaxation, birth rehearsal and so much more! When I wrote and recorded my 'Ultimate Hypnobirthing' track, I wanted to create a single MP3 that would deliver all of this in one. And so here it is! My Ultimate Hypnobirthing MP3 combines pregnancy relaxation, fear release, confidence boost AND birth rehearsal.  So that you can feel confident  you've got everything you need in one. 

I have also recorded three additonal tracks to support your hypnobirthing journey which are included in your purchase. These are;

Hypnobirthing Breathing Practice

I recorded this hypnobirthing MP3 to encourage and support regular breathing practice, as some of my clients find it hard to find the motivation to keep it going. This track guides you through the 4/7 and 7/7 breathing that I teach on my hypnobirthing course. If you haven't done a course with me but are interested in hypnobirthing, why not watch this video? I will demonstrate two of the five breathing techniques I use, and then you can practice using this MP3.

Visualisation for a Calmer Birth

Many of my clients have asked me to record this birth visualisation, after I had guided them through it during their hypnobirthing course. This is a short recording which introduces the power of visualisation. Visualisation has been long known to have a profound impact on performance in the realm of sport science. Visualisation is now a standard part of high level sports training, and many athletes report using it extensively to achieve their results. By visualising or 'daydreaming' you are changing the synapses in your brain and tricking your brain into thinking you have done something before, as the brain can't differentiate well between real and imagined. This 'practice' can then have a positive affect on future outcomes, increasing the chance of you achieving your goal. Clever stuff!

Affirmations for Pregnancy and Birth

The simple habit of regular positive thoughts can have a big affect on your mindset. And by changing your mind you can also influence your emotional state and the way you experience the world around you. This makes the use of regular positive affirmations a valuable tool for birth and its never too early to start listening to positive affirmations. Many of my clients report that these positive words popped into their minds during labour, supporting them to stay calm and positive.