Anthonissa Moger

Hi, I'm Anthonissa Moger, but my friends call me Nissa for short.

What I love

I love love love my jobs. Both of them! I work part time in the birth centre and labour ward at St Thomas' hospital, supporting women to have positive births.  I also teach hypnobirthing in group and private classes across London. I am seriously passionate about enabling women to enjoy positive birth experiences.

I founded The Hypnobirthing Midwife in 2015 with the intention to support and prepare women and their families brilliantly for birth. I brought together the best from modern midwifery and holisitic practices including hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and much more! I now have more clients than I can support personally, so in 2017 I asked the lovely Zoe to join my team. Zoe is a brilliant midwife and an inspiring teacher!

I love Leyton, my hometown ever since I moved here in 2006 and I admin a facebook group and organise local events to grow and support my local community. Come say hi!

I love food and cooking, and am gently going vegan. I share my home with Meow (the cat) and Willis (the dog).

I love yoga and meditation, and I'm currently completing (and loving) my kundalini yoga teacher training.

The facts

I trained to be a midwife at Kings College London and qualified in 2013 with a first class degree.

I trained to be a hypnobirthing teacher with the fabulous Judith Flood and The Association of Hypnobirthing Midwives.

I am qualified to use aromatherapy for birth.

I trained to use rebozo with midwife Nicola Nelson.

I have now personally taught over 400 families hypnobirthing and have attended over 200 births.