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What I've Learnt... From The First Days Of Being A Mum

The first days of being a mum. 

I gave birth to my first son in 2013 and like most new parents I was excited, nervous, full of wonder! I remember returning home from hospital, my son shrinking down in the car seat and me, not quite knowing what to do. Where were the grown ups? I had given birth, but I didn't quite feel like a mum.

The day after we returned home…

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What I've Learnt... From A Love You Can't Conceive

My start is not the start and early life my children have had. At around 2 years old I was removed from my drug-addicted parents and placed in a children's home.

 I was adopted and later sent away to boarding school, suffering abuse of various sorts in both instances. 

This is not a hard-luck story. This is a story of…

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