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Complete peace of mind.

Friends for life.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

My name is  Anthonissa Moger (Nissa for short) and I founded The Hypnobirthing Midwife in 2015. I experienced the profound power of hypnobirthing during the birth of my daughter at home in 2008 and continued to witness its magic as a home birth midwife AND on the busy labour ward at St Thomas' Hospital where I currently work.

I have designed these classes combining my knowledge as a pregnancy yoga teacher, five years as a practicing midwife and experience teaching hypnobirthing to over 600 London Mums and Dads.

On completing my course you will feel

  • Calm, relaxed and able to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

  • Confident with a clear plan for practicing your tools and techniques.

  • Actually excited to give birth and meeting your baby too!

My very special courses offer you complete and empowering birth preparation and normally fill up a few weeks in advance, so book early to avoid missing out. 

Hypnobirthing London

How We Do It…

Class One (4.5 hours)

  • Introduction to hypnobirthing, learning to work with your body.

  • Understanding the hormones of birth (Adrenaline, Oxytocin, Endorphines).

  • The physiology and mechanics of birth.

  • How to enjoy early labour, writing your practical plan.

  • Two relaxation visualisations for calmness.

  • Six breathing techniques for birth, working out what works for you.

  • Your positive mindset journey, the power of positive thought and affirmations.

  • Thirty minute group hypnosis for fear release.

  • Plenty of tea, snacks and friendly chats!

Class Two (4.5 hours)

  • Optimising your birth environment to support your birth hormones.

  • How to manage during strong labour, writing your practical plan.

  • Active birth positions and the power of movement.

  • The role of the birth partner on the day.

  • An hour of troubleshooting, using hypnobirthing to manage the unexpected.

  • How to encourage your baby into position for a quicker, more comfortable birth.

  • Rebozo massage for optimal fetal positioning.

  • Aromatherapy for birth (mixing up your own oil to take home).

  • Five Massage techniques supporting each stage of birth.

  • Thirty minute group hypnosis for increased confidence.

  • Plenty more tea, snacks and friendly chats!

WOW! That’s ALOT!!

I run group classes in Leyton and Hackney/ Bethnal Green. I also offer private classes and a super special VIP package in the comfort of your home across London.

 Best antenatal classes for pregnant mums in London using hypnobirthing techniques, mindful mantra cards and calm birth methods


Why choose my course?


The best chance of a straightforward birth

Many traditional antenatal classes will teach you about the process of birth but not how to actually manage it on the day. My course provides you with both. You will make a practical plan for early labour, and one to manage strong labour too.


As much for your birth partner as it is for you!

My content is designed to teach birth partners what their role is, so that you don't have to worry on the day. They will learn how to keep you (and themselves) feeling relaxed, and will finish the course feeling calm and confident to support you.


Includes active birth positions and online video course

As midwives we know that your baby's position can have a significant impact, making birth longer and more uncomfortable. So I designed my online course 'Align Your Baby' to give you the best chance of a quicker and easier birth experience.


Taught by midwives

All of my teachers are working midwives with a minimum of five years practice. This means we have supported hundreds of birthing Mums and can share our experience of what really works on the day!


Including the 'what ifs'

Unlike many other hypnobirthing courses, I don't ignore the 'what ifs'. You will spend time working through difficult scenarios so that you are super prepared for whatever happens on the day. We cover birth by ventouse, forceps and caesarean, how to cope with long labours, epidurals and induction of labour.

Enjoy a lazy weekend together

All my classes are taught over one weekend, NO late night classes, NO rushing from work and feeling exhausted the next day! This is what Mums + Dads said they wanted, so I've made it happen for you.


I arrange an informal 'Meet Up' for all our groups after the course finishes


New wave hypnobirthing

I have dropped the outdated methods from traditional hypnobirthing which have proved impractical for many Mums and Dads on the day. Having taught over 600 women, these techniques are tried and tested!


My course includes… 

  • My Hypnobirthing Album

  • My pack of cards 'Mantras for a Positive Birth'

  • My Align Your Baby online video course

  • Book + Workbook + Homework schedule

  • Large bundle of digital resources

  • Mix your own bespoke massage oil to take away

  • Aromatherapy for labour guide


Ongoing support until your baby arrives

Have questions or need advice after the course finishes? Just drop me an email and I'll be happy to offer you support until your baby arrives.


Make friends for life

With a maximum of eight couples per class you are sure to meet and connect with your kind of people and the Mums and Dads in our groups always stay in touch with a whatsapp group.

I’m still in touch with the mums (and mums-still-to-be) from our course - you were right that our whatsapp group has been a real lifesaver for sharing tips and difficulties and knowing that you are not alone with an unsettled baby feeding constantly through the night and only sleeping on your chest (vs the very expensive cot) at 3am!
— Alison, Mum to Felix

Designed to give you and your birth partner maximum confidence.


I sent a survey to 200 of our most recent Mums and Dads, and this is what they had to say...

I loved the part near the end where we discussed different possible birth scenarios and what our options might be/ what we might do. Your hospital knowledge as a midwife was v helpful here.
I really enjoyed the whole course, very informative and at the same time funny.
I really liked that Nissa applied hypnobirthing realistically to a hospital setting and did explain different options available.
No room for improvement at all Nissa. I appreciated all aspects of the course & felt it probably helped me more in keeping calm in the run up to delivery than in the birth itself cos everything happened super fast! It gave us some good pointers for our birth preferences & helped me feel prepared. x
One of the most positive things for me was how inclusive the partners are made to feel and my husband really came away empowered and understanding his role for the birth and how he can support me more. It was also only until we came to your class that he understood why I was so determined to have a home birth, everything just fell into place for him so Thankyou for that!
We are really grateful to Nissa for her support and although our birth wasn’t what we had planned the hypnobirthing techniques helped us stay calm under pressure and we still use the breathing now our baby is born when things feel a bit tough!
Breathing techniques and how breathing impacts upon labour process was excellent and really helped me.
The way birth-confidence was instilled in us was excellent. Setting “homework” meant we committed fully. Very open and non-judgemental class sentiment. Some truly excellent birth preparation tips.
I enjoyed the whole course.
Overall the course was really helpful and we had a wonderful birth although we didn’t even get a moment to wave our birth plan at the midwives when we arrived!! Our baby was born around 15 minutes later, using gas and air, breathing techniques and my husband successfully used relaxation countdown at just the right moment to keep me calm when I started to feel overwhelmed. I didn’t sustain any tears and received lots of compliments from the midwives about the use of your techniques!
The whole course is excellent.
The explanation of the fight or flight response and hormonal reactions during labour were very helpful. The breathing and massage exercises were also great.
The access to the Align Your Baby course was INVALUABLE!!!  I had my dream water birth at home and under a full moon with no drugs or complications.
I thought Anthonissa was fun, kind, interesting, patient, informative, empathetic and a great teacher. She changed my entire birthing experience for the second child.
Loved the small group in a circle, tea and biscuits, intimate and positive atmosphere, meditation and breathing practice and tips, essential oils advice, thinking through affirmations with partner, rebozo and other useful advice about positioning. Nissa was great at leading and created a lovely balance in her delivery of sessions (knowledgeable, straightforward yet warm and relaxed).
You brought so much warmth and support and encouragement throughout the whole course. You and your personality were excellent! Plus of course, the content. Amazing stuff! Made all the difference to us during our birth.
I enjoyed from the breathing and the fact that dads had to read the book, the postures for getting the baby to the right position, the massage, aromatherapy oils and troubleshooting scenarios. The videos aligning your baby and the music were a massive bonus to keep you focused too.