The Power of the Mind

This week I woke up with eczema on my hands.

The funny thing is I have never in my life had eczema before.


I wasn’t sure what it was at first. Scabies? An infection? Warts? Surely one of my lovely ladies hadn’t given me something nasty when I palpated her tummy, and told her which way her baby was lying.


Bad midwife.

It was definitely eczema.

The last eight weeks have been pretty mega for me. I have started three projects which are life changing. I have been putting my all into them. My time. My energy. My passion. MY EVERYTHING.

And that’s the thing. As a midwife and hypnobirthing teacher I understand the profound mind and body connection.

I understand that your thoughts and feelings affect your body completely.

I teach women and their birth partners this every week! I support families to connect their mind and body so they can enjoy calm and positive births.

So why didn’t I see this coming?

Sometimes you just need a little help. Someone who can hold YOU for a little while, so you can take the weight off. Mamas and healthcare workers are notoriously bad at asking for support.

So today, after writing this I plan to

  1. Book a good long deep massage

  2. Book an appointment with an osteopath

  3. Turn off my phone

Then take some time for myself to

  1. Do some relaxing drawing for a couple of hours

  2. Go and potter in our little garden because it feels like summer has arrived!

What are you going to do to take care of yourself today? I’d love to hear in your comment below.