My Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Hypnobirthing Teacher

For those of you out there thinking about hypnobirthing your babies, it can be confusing knowing which teacher to choose. If you live in a city it may seem like there is one on every corner. If you live in the sticks you might not have a teacher for a hundred miles or more.

A good hypnobirth teacher will explain birth well and teach you how to relax

A great hypnobirth teacher will leave you feeling prepared and excited for the big day

A sensational hypnobirth teacher will empower you to have a positive life changing birth experience… no matter what happens on the day


So here are my top 4 tips to choose the best teacher for you:

1. How do you learn best?

Do you enjoy the dynamics of a group, like to shout out the answers and remember it all better that way?

Or do you like to learn in the comfort and privacy of your own home, on a day and time that suits you? If you have any big fears to release before your birth, would you feel comfortable exploring and sharing them in a group? Perhaps not.


There are definitely advantages to learning hypnobirthing in both ways so choose the right one for you.

2. I recently did a rebozo workshop with Nicola Nelson another hypnobirthing practitioner who teaches in London and Bristol. We’d not met before and I instantly warmed to her easy, down to earth ways. She made me feel calm and relaxed.

And that’s the thing. You want to be taught by someone who you have an instant connection and rapport with. So how do you figure that out? A website will tell you a little about someone but a chat will tell you so much more, just five minutes will do! In five minutes you can work out if you click.

And in five minutes, you can work out if this is the right person to support you through one of the most important journeys of your life!


3. Many hypnobirthing teachers have a pretty impressive skillset. You’ll find ones who are doulas, midwives and doctors. Some that are massage therapists, psychotherapists and aromatherapists. Others that are lactation consultants, yoga teachers, rebozo practitioners and rock stars (just kidding). The list goes on.


If you love science, and really want to get down and dirty with the hormones and physiology of birth, choose a teacher who is medically trained.

If you want to focus on getting baby into the best position for an easy birth choose a teacher who includes rebozo.

If you are thinking to add some bundles to the course like a lovely doula or professional aromatherapy massage, choose a practitioner who can do that for you too.

Think about what you really need and choose the teacher that fits.


4. All hypnobirthing teachers have trained in a different way, be it the original Mongan Method, Wise Hippo or Association of Hypnobirthing Midwives (AHBM). But after a year or two every teacher will really start to bring themselves to the party! We can’t help but incorporate everything we have learnt along the way. Like anything the more you do it, the better you get!! So choose a teacher with lots of experience.

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