The experience of being massaged by Joanna is so much more than the pleasure and relief that comes from someone so experienced treating a hardworking body. Her sensitivity, humour and deep knowledge about the pregnant body do the mind and spirit tons of unexpected good. A session with Joanna is pure mind/body therapy!
— Daphne, mother to Zoe + Sebastian

Pregnancy Treatments with Joanna the Massaging Midwife

For availability and booking:

 Come for a wonderfully revitalising, nurturing, and nourishing maternity treatment with me, Joanna The Massaging Midwife.  As an extremely experienced massage therapist and a registered midwife, I am well qualified to design a treatment for you that will meet both your physical and emotional needs, as well as support you to prepare for labour with massage and teach you how to massage your baby!

A massage with me will be

  • Wonderful preparation for birth and parenting.
  • Deeply relaxing.
  • A chance to stop, stay still, and connect to your baby.
  • Great for releasing typical discomfort, tensions, strains of pregnancy and the postnatal period.


Why have a massage when you're pregnant?

 Your body is AMAZING! You will be undergoing incredible physical, hormonal and emotional changes in pregnancy. Regular or even a one-off treatment can be enormously beneficial to support this process.

A pregnancy massage with me may help to:

  • Relieve the strain and stresses of pregnancy

As your baby grows, your posture and alignment adapts. The increasing weight of your tummy and your muscles and joints lengthening and softening is hard work for your body, and muscles can feel tired as they get stretched. I will use the right pressure and techniques to soothe and ease your aches.

  • Recuperate from exhaustion

Exhaustion can be relieved with deep relaxation techniques, and stimulation of acupressure points can alleviate typical pregnancy symptoms such as nausea.

  • Support your pelvis and stretch you out

Your pelvis is working hard in pregnancy. Massage may help to lengthen the lower back and decrease pelvic tilting, shorten and tone abdominal muscles, and open up the chest and lungs. Joint mobilisations will help to stretch you out, especially in the pelvis and ribs.

  • Encourage deeper and more relaxing breathing

Massage stimulates the respiratory and digestive systems, encouraging open and normal breathing, helping alleviate typical pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn.

  • Fill your body with oxytocin, the love hormone!

Give a treat to your baby! Your baby will enjoy all the benefits of massage. If you are happy and relaxed and calm, you will produce oxytocin and release endorphins. These hormones will transfer to the baby too via your placenta.

Joanna has a wonderfully calm and reassuring presence and manner as a therapist, and I was able to relax instantly into the atmosphere she created in the space. Combined with the extensive knowledge that she has from her professional midwifery training, as well as her own passion and dedication to learning about women, pregnancy, and birth, she was the perfect person to visit while pregnant.
— Maddy, mother of Casper

Why have a massage after birth?

 Massage after your baby has arrived can feel wonderfully restorative and nourishing. Postnatal massage with me may:

  • Give you some gentle time to reconnect with your body and process the birth.
  • Support the natural process of your body recovering itself from pregnancy.
  • Provide you with some resting time between feeds.
  • Help you to sleep better afterwards.
  • Promote good circulation and lymphatic flow around your body.
  • Relieve back, shoulder and arm aches (from holding and feeding your baby).
  • Reduce residual swelling around legs and hands from the pregnancy, with soothing strokes.
  • You may want to have your baby with you and the treatment will be worked around both your needs.
Joanna gave me some pregnancy and postnatal massages, which really helped me in the process of preparing for birth and rebalancing me after birth. I found it so reassuring that she was a midwife as she knew the whole birthing process and seemed to know what my body was undergoing and about to undergo. I felt really calm and safe in her hands and the oils she used were uplifting and warming. After birth she massaged me with my baby by my side, occasionally feeding. I remember thinking how I wish she could have been my midwife for the birth of my baby; it would have made me feel so secure. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting a massage at any stage in the process. She was an excellent therapist, with so much experience and so willing to accommodate you and your baby.
— Anna, mother of Teddy