I came to Joanna for regular massages during both of my pregnancies I wish I had the same excuse to visit her every week. I can honestly say I’ve never had a better massage, and particularly when pregnant, a ‘condition’ other masseuses seemed slightly nervous about. Joanna’s experience as a midwife means she’s completely at ease with it and she seems to know intuitively where you might need extra work, a change of position or a different pressure. I walk out every time feeling lighter, looser and calmer.
— Jess, mother of Francesca + Joe

Pregnancy + Postnatal Massage Treatments

For availability and booking:  Massagingmidwife@gmail.com

Single Treatments

£65 for 70 minutes including consultation. Add on £10 for travelling to your home.

Bundle of Three Treatments

£172.50 - save £7.50 on each treatment! Add on £30 for travelling to your home.

Bundle of Four Treatments

£220 - save £10 on each treatment! Add on £40 for travelling to your home.


If you like, you can convert to a bundle after receiving your first treatment.

Joanna’s massage was brilliant for me in late pregnancy, helping me to deal with the stress and anxiety of going overdue. As well as being hugely experienced, she is a kind and empathetic therapist, and I would highly recommend her to any other exhausted or overwhelmed mum-to-be.
— Emma, mother of Kieran

Specialist Add-On Sessions

The sessions below cannot be booked independently but can be added on and enjoyed at the same time as a pregnancy or postnatal massage treatment.

Birth Partners Labour Massage with Rebozo

50 minutes

Add on £40 to the cost of a pregnancy massage treatment.

Included: Organic oils + Beautiful Birth by Suzanne Yates, a wonderful book with great photography to give you lots more ideas for massage/ positions for labour.

Following a massage treatment tailored to your needs, I will demonstrate some massage techniques for your partner to learn, in various positions that may be of benefit for the rest of your pregnancy and birth.

I will then show you some Rebozo techniques that you may find useful in the third trimester of pregnancy as well as labour. Rebozo is a traditional and beautiful Mexican scarf that can feel wonderfully supportive in pregnancy and labour when used in appropriate ways.

Jo did a great little session with us when Sarah was heavily pregnant. I learnt how to do a lower back massage that was really helpful in Sarah’s long labour during her contractions and sometimes in between. She talked to us about which oils were good to use and it made me feel more confident about using touch usefully in labour and when the baby was overdue and we were sitting around at home waiting for the baby to arrive! I love the book that Jo gave us with the session, such a good way to consolidate on the learning.
— Claire, birth companion to Sarah
I enjoyed this one-to-one time with a massage therapist and Joanna tuned into our concerns with early labour and being at home. She showed us some useful massage techniques and after the session I felt more confident about how to support my wife in labour using touch and suggesting different positions that might help. On the day, I found some of these tools very useful and felt quite helpful suggesting positions when we were alone and the midwife was not in the room. It’s great that Joanna includes the book Beautiful Birth with the session – it’s full of great pictures and ideas.
— Joe, father to Molly

Baby Massage

35 minutes

Add on £25 to the cost of a postnatal massage treatment.

Included: Organic oils + Handouts.

Following a massage treatment tailored to your needs, I will show you and anybody else in the family who would like to learn, a sequence of massage strokes that your baby may love. I will demonstrate these strokes on my teaching doll while, you show me what you've learnt on your baby (or my doll if your baby happens to be slumbering!). I will also discuss the benefits of massaging babies in the session.

Birth Partner Holistic Massage

35/ 60 minutes

Add on £45/ £65 to the cost of a massage treatment booked already

Partners need massage too! It can be an overwhelming and all-encompassing experience to be supporting a pregnant woman/ new mother, and it is vital that they look after themselves too at this life changing and slightly sleep-deprived time! Following a consultation, I will give you a treatment that suits your needs. Please note that if this is in your home, the massage will be performed on the floor with cushions and blankets, as I do not travel with a massage couch.

Holistic massage promotes healing, relaxation and self-awareness. It uses a combination of Swedish massage techniques, energy balancing, passive movements and stretches.

Location + Equipment

I offer massage in Hampstead and Harringay, N4, but can also travel to your home. If you live too far away from me, I will point you in the direction of a more geographically convenient specialist massage therapist!

At home visits you will provide blankets/ duvets/ cushions/ pillows to have your massage treatment on the floor. Please make sure you have some floor space, where we will be undisturbed, so you can fully relax for your treatment. It would be excellent if you have a birthing ball suitable for your height.


I work in Harringay, N4 or Hampstead, NW3 on Monday/ Tuesday evenings and I can travel to your home on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I am also available on weekdays during the day and will do my best to meet your needs.

All bookings must be paid for online prior to treatment. Please contact me for availability and payment.

If you need to cancel your treatment because you are in labour, just let me know! If you would still like to have your massage, you will have a credit with me for postnatal massage for up to six weeks.

Any treatments bought during pregnancy, can be used up until your baby is six weeks old.

If you have bought a package of postnatal massage treatments, these will be valid for eight weeks from the first treatment.

If you need to cancel or change the time of your treatment for any reason, please give me 48 hours notice. If you let me know with less than 48 hours notice, you will only be refunded 50% of the treatment price.

Questions + Answers

Can I have a massage in my first trimester (the first twelve weeks)?

Many salons and spas do not massage women in the first trimester of their pregnancy. However, the beginning of pregnancy can be exhausting and sometimes nerve-wracking and you may really feel like having a treatment. As a midwife, I am acutely aware of the massive changes happening in your body and will be able to design a gentle treatment that is right for you.

I am finding lying down in one position very uncomfortable. Will I be able to move during my massage?

Pregnancy massage is a flexible massage! I am always willing to experiment with positions to make sure you stay comfortable during your treatment.

I am experiencing pelvic girdle pain. Can I still come for a massage?

Definitely! I will make sure you are comfortable with the massage and can show you mobilisations, which may help your pelvic pain.

How often can I have a massage?

As often as you like! I see some pregnant clients weekly, some monthly, and some just once. It is lovely building a relationship, but a one off treatment will still bring benefits.

I love massage and would love to be massaged in labour. Can you tell me what would feel good in labour?

If you book one of my add-on sessions, I will show you and your birth partner some massage strokes that may keep you calm and relaxed when labour starts. In my experience some women love touch in labour, and some hate it!

I am overdue and getting fed up. Will massage help me go into labour?

If you are feeling fed up and tense, a massage is a wonderful idea! I frequently massage women late on in their pregnancies. In later stages I often use acupressure points in my treatments that may naturally support the body to get ready for things to start labour. I can show you these points to repeat at home.

I cannot lie on my front because I am breastfeeding and it is not comfortable. What position will I be on for my massage?

I will massage you on your side with cushions to keep you comfy and if your baby wants to breastfeed or be close to you during the massage, then that is absolutely fine. If you need to stop the massage because your baby is crying and needs some cuddles, that's not a problem. Flexibility is everything!

Can I have a postnatal massage if I have had a caesarean birth?

Yes, you can. As a midwife who has cared for many women post operatively, you will feel safe with me giving you a treatment. Massage may help release the impact of medical interventions in your birth. Gentle and nurturing massage may also help release any stress and trauma from birth. Holding strokes on the abdominal area may feel comforting for you and help restore energetic flow. You can have a massage as soon as you feel ready.

Can I have a massage if I am having a high risk pregnancy?

There are many medical conditions that should not stop you from having a massage. Indeed, it is often a good idea to do something relaxing in a medically complicated pregnancy. However, I would advise you to get in touch with me and discuss your questions and doubts before making a booking, as well as clearing with your obstetrician that they consider it safe for you to receive a massage.