Nissa’s hypnobirthing and postnatal courses have both been invaluable in our preparation in the lead up to having our first baby. The courses provide clear and relevant info which helps first time Parents wade through all the info and opinions out there as well as a safe space to ask ANY questions about ANYTHING you may be unsure of. So much time is spent thinking about the birth but the postnatal course has really put our minds at rest that we’ll be able to cope when the baby arrives, we learnt so much from the session. Nissa is so approachable and genuinely invested in your journey she makes it easy. We’ve also met some lovely people which we’ve set up chat groups with which has already proved valuable in sharing tips. We would highly recommend Nissa’s courses!!
— Claire & James

Planning Your Calm & Contented Postnatal


So you're having a baby. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

You've thought about the birth.... ALOT. You've got a buggy, some clothes for the baby, a little bed and some nappies.


Have you thought about

  • How your body will feel in the first 24 hour after birth and what you can do to support healing?

  • How your emotions will feel in the first 7 seven days after birth and how you can reduce the chances of postnatal depression?

  • What the signs are of a healthy happy baby, including feeding and sleep? What is the fourth trimester? And most importantly, what's normal?

  • How will you cope with broken sleep when your baby wants to feed every 1-3 hours through the night?

  • How will your roles change in the weeks and months after birth, and what do you need to feel calm and contented?

  • Building a supportive community around you to help your transition into motherhood!


FEAR NOT!!!! These are all covered in my AWESOME workshop.

We will focus on the first six weeks after birth so that you will walk away with your own POSTNATAL PLAN. It not only covers practicalities of having a newborn baby and what to expect in the first month... but more importantly we consider a more gentle, thoughtful and holistic approach to parenthood. I will be drawing on my experience supporting around a thousand postnatal families as a community caseload midwife, combined with up to date evidence based information and most importantly honest practical support.

We write birth plans to cover what is likely to be a 4- 48 hour experience, why aren't we writing postnatal plans so that you enter parenthood feeling calm and rested during the weeks after birth??? I think this is ESSENTIAL.


Join me as we get ready for the BIGGEST adventure of your life!!!!


Every Mum will also receive the gorgeous book 'The First Forty Days' by Heng Ou (RRP £16.95),  a workbook (so that you can make your practical plan for a nourishing postnatal period) AND a lovely  bag of postnatal treats worth £30.


I recommend that you attend the course anytime in pregnancy. It's never to late, even if you are about to pop!


I teach this from time to time as a group workshop and as a private course, and both are taught in one session over three hours. 

 I teach privately in your home from on Monday through to Friday day times starting at 10am or 11am OR Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 5pm, 6pm or 7pm to suit you. Please email me with your ideal date and time before you book the private course, and I will do my very best to meet your needs. I only teach one private course per week, in order to keep my energy and passion high for every client. So please book early to avoid missing out! I am also very happy to teach two couples together, so that you can split the cost between you.



  One Mum + Partner/ Postnatal support person    (£431)      Book Here



Thursday Evening 6.30pm -10.30pm 

One Mum + Partner/ Postnatal support person    (£97)     


Nissa’s sessions are always so informative and empowering. I feel like I learnt so much in such a short amount of time. Both me and my husband left the Positive Post-natal class feeling a lot more confident. Before I was approaching breastfeeding with a degree of anxiety - all you hear is horror stories, right? - I’m actually looking forward to trying it now! We feel so much more prepared in terms of what to expect, what’s ‘normal’ and strategies to survive! I honestly feel like we’ve got this and we’re both so excited about welcoming our daughter into the world now, whereas before, we were both a little nervous.

The class has made us make a plan for post-natal and talk things through which may sound obvious, but often we’re like ships in the night! It was great to have the constructive time to do it.

Sharing with the group is so useful and reassuring as well. It’s great to meet couples at exactly the same stage as you and with the same concerns - we really are all in this together!
— Amy & Chris