Nissa we were speaking the other day, and I wanted to email you to say how glad we are to have done your postnatal course! No one can 100% prepare you for motherood, but your course covered SO MUCH that we would have never have considered. I think we would have been lost without out. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
— Sarah & Jack parents to Trinity

Planning Your Calm & Contented Postnatal


There is so much focus on birth preparation, that the postnatal period more often than not gets seriously neglected. The birth is likely to be just one or two days, and then the real adventure begins! After your baby is born, many parents feel exhausted, emotional, confused and overwhelmed. So I designed this course to ensure you feel confident, relaxed and can seriously enjoy the first days and weeks of parenthood. 

This course is a perfect companion to the group and private hypnobirthing course, ensuring you are prepared for both birth AND parenthood!

What is it all about?

This three hour course is super special and unique. It not only covers practicalities of having a newborn baby and what to expect in the first forty days... but more importantly we consider a more gentle, thoughtful and holistic approach to parenthood.

We spend time on evidence based, midwifery led care for baby including; 

  • Bonding with your baby in pregnancy and after birth

  • Breastfeeding masterclass (including how to get a great milk supply, feeding cues, positions,  how to know your baby has enough, poos and wees, troubleshooting, reflux/ colic AND expressing!)

  • Signs of a healthy baby

  • Bathing your baby

  • Sleep (or lack of it!)

  • Supporting your baby's development

We also send time focusing on your physical and mental well being. A happy Mum really does means a contended baby and a thriving family!

We consider;

  • How to build your supportive community in pregnancy and why this is so essential in the postnatal period! Adapting to your new lifestyle by developing nourishing and healthy daily habits

  • How to consciously foster a positive mindset and reduce the chance of postnatal depression

  • Changes in your roles, how to reduce stress, resentment and monotony

  • Trusting yourself and finding your own way of parenting

Every Mum will also receive the gorgeous book 'The First Forty Days' by Heng Ou (RRP £15.99),  a workbook (so that you can make your practical plan for a nourishing postnatal period) AND a lovely  bag of postnatal treats.


I recommend that you attend the Positive Postnatal Course anytime in pregnancy. It's never to late, even if you are about to pop! There is a maximum of eight couples per course, and my  groups set up a whatsapp group between them for invaluable social support during pregnancy and after birth. If the course that you want is full, do send me an email and let me know. I do add extra courses some months, and I can pop you on the waiting list. I also teach this course as a private session.


The Group Positive Postnatal Course costs £97, and this includes a space for both you and your birth partner or postnatal support person. The course runs on a Thursday evening, the week following the group hypnobirthing course.

The Private Positive Postnatal Course is also 3 hours taught over one session. It costs £418 and is taught in the comfort of  your home. I teach privately on Monday through to Friday day times starting at 10am or 11am OR Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 5pm, 6pm or 7pm to suit you. Please email me with your ideal date and time before you book the private course, and I will do my very best to meet your needs. I only teach one private course per week, in order to keep my energy and passion high for every client. So please book early to avoid missing out! I am also very happy to teach two couples together, so that you can split the cost between you.

CALM & CONTENTED POSTNATAL GROUP COURSE  WITH NISSA (Thursday Evenings at Host of Leyton 6.30-10.30pm)

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  One Mama + Partner/ Postnatal support person    (£418)      Book Here


Nissa was fantastic- the structure of the course was great for both me and my partner plus we have a fab little hypnobirth family now who are so supportive!
— Natalie