Positive Caesarean Course

When I first qualified as a midwife, I started teaching NHS antenatal classes. What struck me was that there was nothing on offer for Mums and Dads who would be having a planned caesarean birth. No classes. No preparation. And no support.

When my sister in law found out that the safest birth for her next baby would be by planned caesarean, this got me really thinking about the best way that I could support her on that journey. And from this, the Positive Caesarean Course was born!

The Positive Caesarean Course draws on my midwifery experience, and expertise as a hypnobirthing teacher.  It offers you complete preparation so that you will look forward to your cesarean as a positive birth experience. The course is a four hour intensive program, taught in one session. 

You will learn...

  • How fear and adrenaline has a profound effect on your body, mind and emotions

  • To identify and release fear and build calmness using hypnosis

  • Three  breathing techniques for a calm pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and beyond

  • How to develop and maintain a positive mindset for pregnancy and birth

  • Multi layered deep relaxation, including the use of visualisations 

  • How to cope with the unexpected

  • How your partner can support you brilliantly on the day

  • What options are available for your caesarean birth

  • To complete a comprehensive caesarean birth plan with you birth partner, enabling you to plan the right birth for you

  • How to prepare so that you can enjoy your baby and motherhood during the first few days and weeks after caesarean birth

You will recieve...

  • The Positive Caesarean Birth audio program of 3x MP3s. Specially written and recorded by myself for you

  • A pack of Do It Like A Mother positive affirmation cards

  • Comprehensive Hypnobirthing Midwife workbook, including lots of homework

  • My unlimited support by email and telephone until baby arrives


I offer this course in your home if you live in London or by Skype all over the world.


You can take this course from twenty weeks of pregnancy, to support you to enjoy your pregnancy and birth.

I teach privately on Mondays to  Thursdays from 10am- 2pm OR Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 5pm, 6pm or 7pm to suit you. Please email me with your ideal date and time before you book the course, and I will do my best to meet your needs. I only teach one private course per week, in order to keep my energy and passion high for every client. So please book early to avoid missing out!


The Private Course costs £431 and includes a space for you and your birth partner. As a working midwife, I will be able to offer you enormous support around the practicalities of a cesarean birth. As well as arming you with a comprehensive set of tools, to enable a calm and positive cesarean birth experience!


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Please don´t hesitate to email me with any questions!

Nissa x