x5 Align Your Baby Online Courses (£5 per course)

x5 Align Your Baby Online Courses (£5 per course)


Our Align Your Baby online course enables Mums to encourage their baby into position for an easier, quicker and more comfortable birth. You can find out more about our course here.

This makes Align Your Baby a wonderful addition to hypnobirthing teachers, doulas, independent midwives and antenatal teachers to give to their clients.


Included in your purchase are 

  • x5 Align Your Baby online courses (£5 per course)

You will receive an email containing your five voucher codes within 48 hours when ordering Monday to Thursday. These codes are valid for twelve months.

For your clients to access the online course

1. Ask them to visit Align Your Baby and create an account

2. Enter the voucher code at checkout

It's easy!


Best wishes

Nissa x

(Founder of The Hypnobirthing Midwife)

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