Onestrong Mother Pin


I'm all about the power of a positive mindset. Getting your head into the right space, is so essential for a positive birth and a positive life.

But in 2016 our family experienced a real tragedy. My sister in law lost her first baby. Of course as a midwife I am well aware that stillbirth is statistically rare but can happen, and as a hypnobirthing teacher I have supported many women who are deeply fearful that it will happen.

It is really important for us, that something positive comes out of Evan's story. So out of love for baby Evan and to acknowledge his parents' strength, we designed the Onestrong Mother pin in November 2016.

This pin was to reach out a hand of support to EVERY mother and father who had lost a baby at any gestation. Be it a glimmer of light at six weeks or a full future in technicolour at forty.

We are proud to say that £5 from the sale of every pin goes directly to SANDS (Stillbirth And Neonatal Death Charity), and their research to prevent stillbirth in the future. And we have raised  £3300 from the One Strong Mother pin to date.

Together we are One. Together we are Stronger. Onestrong.


Sisters Pin

My sister, my daughter and myself were lucky  enough to enjoy an incredibly abundant  Christmas in 2016. Whilst this was lovely, it left me thinking of all those who had so much less than us. I wondered how I could teach my daughter some of the big life lessons, including gratitude, generosity, empathy and love.  When we have so much, there are girls her age without enough food, no shoes and unable to go to school. I thought of the mothers out there whose deepest desire is simply to provide for their children, but who struggle every day.

And so I sat down with my girl and asked her to design a pin. A pin that would reach a hand of friendship from one girl to another. To show support, solidarity and love. To show that we DO care about every child in our world. From one mother to another, and one girl to the next.

We are super proud that £5 from every Sisters pin goes directly to Plan UK, whose good work raises children up and we have raised £1100 so far.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support.

Nissa  + Jazz (age 9) and Alice + Richard (parents to Evan).