So.. firstly, thank you SO much for your advice last Friday evening - it kept me calm and collected and I ended up JUST making it to St Thomas’ for an insanely quick birth.

We had a wonderful baby girl that evening (Friday) at 11:15pm. We last spoke around 8pm and I’d been having regular mildish contractions and was fuelling up with some light dinner as I wasn’t feeling nauseated just yet and had no idea how long this journey would be. I continued with dim lighting, clary sage, and lots of breathing with Chris (we actually ended up doing what probably looked like a slow dance all the way through my contractions until the end - hilarious, but that’s what my body wanted).

Although it was very intense and unexpected - I managed to focus on my breathing the whole way through and just relaxed in between my second stage contractions - Chris was an amazing ‘bubble protector’ and at making sure we got all the small things we’d like too. That’s all down to the course we did with you!!!!!!
— Shirley & Chris parents to Indy


I am passionate about supporting pregnant women both in the UK and abroad. Empowering you to enjoy a positive birth experience means you transition into motherhood from a place of strength. 

From the first of January 2018 I have donated £20 from every  client booking a group or private course. This money goes to Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) .  And more specifically to midwives and doctors who support pregnant and birthing women in the worst conditions around the world, including war zones, refugee cams and natural disasters. 

By booking a course with me, you are also supporting a less fortunate birthing woman somewhere else in the world. THANK YOU!!

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