Two months ago, I peacefully (and naturally) gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. As a new mom, still in bliss, I can’t help but to think about how fortunate I am to have my miracle all while experiencing labour in such a memorable way. With all these thoughts, I extend much gratitude to Nissa for being such a crucial part of our experience.

As a pregnant diabetic woman, I frequently had doctors and nurses reminding me that I was high risk as they focused my care on a very cookie-cutter approach. I struggled with continuous episodes of hypoglycemia on top of mounds of stress related to work and home. But despite all the madness, Nissa provided compassion and attention beyond my expectations. She remained confident, encouraging, nurturing, and personable all while sharing knowledge throughout our VIP process. She reminded me that I had choices. She reminded me to be kind to myself. She reminded me to trust my partner. She reminded me to trust my body. And she reminded me everything was going to be okay. With her expertise, tools/resources and these wonderful attributes, I truly believe she’s a piece of my unforgettable pregnancy AND labour story.

Nissa, from the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU. My birthing story will never be complete without you!
— Quiana & David

Extra support for existing clients


After being asked many times I have added this special offering for existing clients.

These 4 hour support sessions are designed to add on to my existing private and group hypnobirthing classes.

We will tailor the session to your individual needs, but I often cover the following;

4 Hour Antenatal Session

  • Refresher and support on your hypnobirthing techniques

  • 30 minute hypnosis for fear release and confidence

  • Extra support and resources around individual circumstances

  • Writing your birth plan

  • What to expect from the fourth trimester

  • Planning a positive postnatal experience

  • Breastfeeding or bottle feeding plan

  • Planning a positive induction

  • Changing circumstances

  • Making a positive cesarean birth plan

4 Hour Postnatal Session

Normally taken in the first two weeks after your baby is born, it typically includes

  • Birth debrief

  • Physical midwifery check up for Mum

  • Physical midwifery check up for baby

  • Breastfeeding support/ troubleshooting

  • Life with a newborn, finding your way

  • Coping with sleep deprivation

  • Making your plan to enjoy the next few weeks


All of this wonderful nourishing care will take place in your home, let me come to you!!


I offer these sessions on Monday to Thursday daytimes from 10am- 2pm OR Wednesday or Thursday evenings starting at 5pm or 6pm to suit you.



I understand that having a baby can be costly!! Need to pay in two installments? No problem!

You can pay 50% to secure your place, simply enter code FIFTYFIFTY at checkout before you pay. We will email you with a link to pay the balance the week before your session.

To find out more about this amazing support or discuss dates just drop us a line using the form here!!

Nissa, please can we take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you for coming to our home yesterday evening and talking us through hypnobirthing. The information you have provided us with was both clear and informative and both myself and Mike now feel we have a better understanding of what hypnobirthing involves and feel much better prepared for the birth.

Mike especially felt surprised to learn that hypnobirthing wasn’t as ‘whacky’ as the name might suggest! He also found the teaching more practical than NCT and now has a much clearer understanding of what his role will be in labour and we have you (and a better understanding of hypnobirthing) to thank for that.
— Anna (midwife) & Mike